Emma Anne Design, the work behind the brand. Inspired and created to make your visions come to life! 

Kind Words

We asked Emma to create a t-shirt logo for a new marketing concept. We asked to create a “Back Door Pub” logo that could be personalized. She created the perfect logo. When there was a small changed to be made it was done promptly and to our liking.

Gail Greene Entreprenuer

Incredible Copartner

I had the pleasure of running THRD with Emma – our previous business that combined our different areas of design expertise with a mutual enjoyment of creating jewelry! Emma always made sure the products were cool, and nailed our social media, making us quite successful. She brings a creative, organic approach to all her work, easily understands customers, and designs collateral that appeals to them.

Emily Rogers THRD Copartner


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Chad Haug Entrepreneur



Emma Graham

Graphic Designer

Emma Graham

Brand Designer

Emma Graham

Creative Individual

Emma Graham

Visual Designer

Emma Graham

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